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We focus on mixed vegetable and cut flower production, growing in fields and greenhouses. We practice low-till, regenerative agriculture and adhere to the principles of agroecology, which is defined by the National Farmers Union as a holistic approach to food production that uses—and creates—social, cultural, economic and environmental knowledge to promote food sovereignty, social justice, economic sustainability, and healthy agricultural ecosystems.


Spring Tide Farm is certified organic by EcoCert Canada. 

Going into our fourth season of production, we are looking forward to expanding our Community Supported Agriculture program, developing new local markets, and increasing our flower production.




I'm Jessie

In addition to farming, Jessie (she/her) is a PhD student with Dr. Annette Desmarais in the Department of Environment and Geography at the University of Manitoba. She is currently the Youth President of the National Farmers Union of Canada and actively participates in La Via Campesina, especially the Peasants’ Rights Declaration process and regional Youth Articulation.



I'm Rebecca

Rebecca (she/her) is a first generation farmer and flower enthusiast. Rebecca works full-time on the farm and is responsible for all day-to-day field production. She is currently the president of the Atlantic Canadian Organic Regional Network (ACORN) and the Atlantic region's youth representative to the National Farmers Union.


Sustainable. Organic. Local.

We pride ourselves on growing high quality vegetables and flowers that feed not only our community, but the earth and all the creatures in and around the farm. We grow over 40 varieties of vegetables and over 60 different varieties of flowers. We are always keen to try new things and experiment with what grows best in our climate. As farmers, our livelihood is at the whim of an ever-changing climate.


We consider sustainability (environmental, economic, and social) in all aspects of our operation and aspire to make decisions rooted in justice. We're also happy to share, so reach out if you'd like to know more! 

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